about a week ago i met this guy ray from portland, oregon. as is usually the case these days, we met through our children who were playing with us in the ocean. we got to talking and i found out that ray was here to get married to his fiancee shelley. anyway, to cut a long story short, i ended up teaching five people from the wedding party a private yoga lesson at their amazing house this morning. the class went well and i loved teaching against such a stunning view.

i had no intention of charging any money, figuring a yoga class would be a nice wedding gift, but they insisted i take some money so i did. sometimes you can make a good thing bad by refusing things too adamantly, and i didn’t want that to happen. i figured the best way to spend it would be to go out to dinner at one of the nice restaurants in town. so we did. and it was awesome! nayou even sat in his high chair for most of the meal which is nothing short of a miracle.