la lancha

yesterday was all about surfing. in the morning we headed out early to check out la lancha, a secluded beach about fifteen minutes from sayulita. the waves were all crazy and choppy so we got hammered by the ocean, but it was fun playing in the sand. apparently you can camp out there which would be so much fun. one of these days we’ll go back and spend a day and a night there!








i banged my left heel pretty hard on one of the rocks lurking under the water and ended up with about six small shards of rock embedded in my foot. i managed to tease three of them out with a needle and a lot of wincing, but the other three have found themselves a temporary home. i went to the doctor today to ask whether i need to get them out and he just looked at me like i was the biggest wimp in the world and said “they will come out”. ok so the shards are really small and the pain isn’t that bad, but hey, its good to be careful right?

later that day the waves at sayulita were just perfect. brenda was tired so i was lucky enough to get a nice long surf in some of the best conditions yet. it was fun to be amongst all the other surfers and feel their excitement as well. plus it was good to heal the damaged ego with some fun wave riding! i had big plans for the evening (like writing this blog entry), but i passed out with nayou while we were putting him down. actually, i was probably asleep before he was.

nayou has been an absolute joy to be around this week. not that he isn’t every other week, but this one is particularly great. he’s talking his little mouth off all the time, surprising us with new words, he’s playing really well by himself and with other kids (except for that pesky sharing thing), and is getting cheeky by tickling us back. the other day at the supermarket i watched him take a toy doll from the shelf and proceed to tickle it mercilessly for a good two minutes. and not just in the armpits either. nayou made sure to get the feet, the belly and (of course) the eyes. the best part about it is that he screams “tickle tickle tickle!” while he does it.

here is some cuteness to brighten up your day 🙂