time flying by

you would think that with our much less hectic life that i would have all the time in the world to take photos and blog, but its really the opposite. isn’t there a saying that if you want something done quickly, give it to the busiest person? personally i am loving the slower pace, not being in too much of a hurry to get things done. i do have to check myself from trying to stay busy all the time though. its all part of the decompression process!



brenda’s old friend from seattle came down for a week with her husband. they were exactly the kind of guests we love – low key, up for anything, and self-sufficient. they stayed in a beautiful place with a pool, so we got some quality hang time in their neck of the woods!



here is nayou demolishing some watermelon after a good swim in the pool.


we are still very much into legos. right now its all about building various spaceships, training centers, cars, hideouts etc and then battling to see who wins (hint: its never brenda or myself).


i love it when other kids come and play legos. its so cool to watch their individual building style. everyone always uses pieces in some fresh way that gets me all inspired too! here is nayou with kevin and jacob, two relatively new friends who are very chill. their mother takes care of a toddler across the street so hopefully we will be seeing lots more of them in the days to come.


i love this shot brenda took. our friend sondra wants to take photos of her clothes on the line as a sort of diary, which i thought was a pretty cool idea.


last friday at the market we cranked through ten liters (2.5 gallons) of green juice. this week we put some watercress into the mix and it made the juice really creamy. probably one of the best batches yet, in my humble opinion! its a good sign that we’re cranking more than ever, despite the fact that the busy season is coming to an end.

here is a little something i made for the three of us today. nayou is feeling a bit under the weather so there is lots of oranges, some ginger, wheatgrass, mint, celery, carrots, turmeric and parsley. it might sound weird but it tastes so good!


the saga of our canine friend chappi had a happy finish today. ever since chappi came to live with us he has eventually wandered back to his old home. its about a fifteen minute walk across town from our place, so it was definitely a bit of a pain to go and get him every time. its not like he didn’t like it at our place – its just that when he went off on one of his adventures and it was time to go home, he just followed his first instinct and ended up at his original house.

chappi ran away about three days ago and this time we got a bit lazy and didn’t go and get him in a timely manner. brenda and i talked about it and decided to see if the owners would be willing to take him back if we provided the food. clearly chappi was comfortable there (he has a nice outdoor space and its peaceful), and he wasn’t causing any trouble.


so we spoke with the lady who owns him this afternoon and she was actually happy to take him back! it turns out that chappi has been chasing away the neighbourhood dogs who have been coming in to chase their chickens, so they are cool with him being there again. which is a funny twist in the story considering they were originally going to get rid of him because he was the one chasing chickens. luckily for everyone he doesn’t do that anymore, so everything has worked out as it should 🙂


see you around town, our little friend. it was great having you around! and we’re so glad that you get to be back where you feel most happy!